We work with industry professionals across the food chain, from farmers to food suppliers, chefs, and restaurateurs, to show students the careers they can pursue and provide them the network they need to thrive in their careers. 

Farms & Farmers

We aren't the only farm around. The farms along the Front Range and across the Rockies are known for being family owned and operated and for producing a fresh healthy harvest year after year despite a challenging growing climate. 

We have our farms to thank for supplying us Coloradans and our favorite restaurants with our best local ingredients. The Acres Farm team is grateful to grow alongside such outstanding farmers, and we encourage you to buy locally from them, as much as possible. 

As we grow and learn on the farm, we love to hear from other farms and farmers and share what works for us. 

Send us your questions and stories! The best way to reach us is to follow us on Instagram and drop us a DM. 

Chefs & Restaurants

Farms &


Chefs & Restaurants

Culinary skill building is more than learning food safety, storage, prep, and plating. At Acres Farm, we focus on showing students what their potential jobs entail, and we prepare them to be tomorrow's workforce and industry leaders by working directly with today's chefs and restaurateurs.

Across the school year, we host a couple of dinners, attend contests, and strive to build industry connections with our local chefs and restaurant owners.


Acres Farm is a part of the outdoor education center at Warren Tech, a Jefferson County Public School in Lakewood, Colorado. 

Just like we aren't the only farm around the Front Range, we also aren't the only high school program of our kind. Locally, Alameda High School also has a farm education program. We welcome questions, concerns, tips, and connections with schools across the country. Share your stories with us!

The best way to reach us is to follow us on Instagram and drop us a DM.

We are also connected with some local Colorado Colleges and Universities. Dave, our Farm Technician, also teaches as an adjunct faculty member of Metro State University's Urban Farming Certificate program, which is open to Hospitality students.

College students are welcome to intern on the farm, just reach out and tell us your interests. We'll work with your advisors and faculty sponsors. 

Learn more about our curriculum and course:

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